Paid Surveys Australia – Join Best Paying Australian Survey Companies and Make Extra Money Sharing Your Opinions

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Sign Up with Legitimate Paid Surveys in Australia and Get Paid to do Surveys

Get Paid to do Paid Surveys – Make Extra Money Taking Paid Surveys in Australia
legitimate paid surveys Australia
Do you want to get paid to do surveys from your home?

With so many hypes and scams on the Internet it is hard to know which companies are legit. Many sites out there claim to give you this great list of highly paid surveys companies in an exchange for a fee.

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If you look for marketing research companies on the Internet, you can find them and best of all, they are free to join.

Don’t pay a website to join a survey company. All the serious and legitimate survey companies ones are free to join and will never ask you any kind of money.

Here you will learn today how to join for free some of the best market research companies and get paid to do paid surveys for them.

Highly recommended survey panel: Click here to join My Opinions Australia

Contents at a Glance

  • Earning Expectations
  • Ways of getting paid
  • Things to consider when joining
  • Best paid survey companies that pay in cash
  • Australian survey companies that pay by gift certificates and shopping vouchers
  • Questions & Comments

Earning Expectations

The first and best tip I can give you is that no one survey site will pay off your mortgage or even earn you the cash for that new IPod overnight. Don’t get discouraged if the weekly earnings for each site look small.

It doesn’t take much time to do all the surveys you’ll receive from all of the sites below and start making a tidy sum, particularly if others in your household are also earning through the same sites.

Ways of getting paid: Payment options from survey companies

Many survey companies uses their own system to reward members for answering surveys. The most common are points that are attributed to each survey you do.

When you reach a certain amount, you can redeem those points for cash or any other kind of rewards the company uses such as gift certificates and shopping vouchers.

Some of the survey companies will pay you cash / money directly to your PayPal account or by mail check. Checks can be a “real” check where you must deposit in your own bank, or a discount check.

This kind can be used in many stores to get nice discounts when you buy your stuff. I belong to a company that sends me this kind of discount check every month and I use it on my favorite supermarket store to cut the total of my shopping.

Also, some companies have monthly contests where you have the chance to win big prizes. That can be money, gadgets like iPad and many other electronic devices, etc.

Things to consider when joining

Some tips for doing online surveys:

  1. The most common hype about online paid surveys is that people think they will make a huge amount of money every month doing paid surveys.
  2. This is part true, part lie. If you think you can quit your job to do this, think again. Your job is a security, paid surveys are not.
  3. Still, not all is bad. Doing online surveys for money can be nice at the end of the month for a few extra bucks, but you need to join several companies, and the first months will be hard. The longer you belong to those companies and you start to become a active member, you will get more surveys.

Here are a few tips to help you getting more of your efforts:

  1. Get a second Email account.
    If you have a AOL Email account, get a different provider. AOL spam filters works too well.
    Consider to open a new account on Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.
    The reason you might want a 2nd Email account, is to centralize all survey emails in just one place. Also no matter what type of Email provider you use, make sure the mails from each survey company you belong do not trip in the spam filter.
  2. Open a PayPal account.
    Many companies will pay you by PayPal. If you do not have an account open one now. It is free. You can then transfer your money from PayPal into your bank account.
  3. Don’t expect loads of surveys when you join.
    You might have to wait at least 2 months before you starting to get surveys. Online surveys is a long term process, it is not a way of getting money quickly. This also depends much of each company you work.
  4. Complete your profiles.
    It is very important to fill out your profile on the sites in your membership section. Profiles is the way people are selected to participate in surveys. Some companies even pay you a very little amount by completing many profile surveys. Profile surveys can be anything from your personal tastes, finances (not personal ones but things like mortgages and so on), medical information, travel, your car, etc. Profiles help selecting people. This all depends of the interests the company that order the study have.
  5. Use the referral system. This is always overlooked by many people. You can increase your gains by referring people to the companies that you are a member. Many of us belong to some kind of social site like Facebook, use that to your advantage. Just remember, don´t spam people.
  6. The Screening survey. Every time you get a opportunity to answer a survey study, you will have to answer a small survey screening. Don’t lie. This serves to get people with certain demographic conditions. If you try to cheat in the answers, you might even not be selected to make the survey. Since we never know what are the conditions set, there is no good or bad answers. This also have much to do with your profile, chances are, if a survey came to you, they already checked your profile, by trying to cheat the system to get it, you might get kicked out of the survey and lose the money of that same survey.

Best Paid Survey Companies in Australia that Pay Cash

Below is a list of some of the best and legit Australian survey companies that pay cash.

This small list have some of the best and legitimate top paying survey companies that have been in the market for years. Many of them belong to other corporations that are in the market research industry. So, it is not hard to find that 2 survey sites, might belong to the same group. Still, for you that does not matter. The more survey companies you become a member, the better. All of them add up.

All of the below listed survey companies are 100% free to join.

Global Test Market Australia

While Global Test Market is a US-based company, where you earn rewards based on $US, they sure like surveying us Aussies and paying cheques in Australian currency. They typically pay around $US 2.50 per questionnaire and provide surveys on a regular basis.

As the name suggests, GlobalTestMarket pays around the world.

What will you earn? I usually average between $20 to $25 every couple of months.

Level of spam you can expect from GlobalTestMarket: Nil.

Global Test Market Sign Up Link: Click here to join Global Test Market Australia or read Global Test Market Australia review.

My Opinions

No steak knives, but Rewards Central has a “sister site” called My Opinions that provides online surveys and pays in cash via PayPal. You can also move your credit from My Opinions to Rewards Central so you can get those $30 or $100 payments from Rewards Central Faster.

My Opinions usually provides me with a few extra dollars a week, pays well for my time and sends no spam. Only open to Australians.

My Opinions Sign Up Link: Click here to Join My Opinions Australia or read My Opinions review.

My Survey Australia

Formerly known as Lightspeed, My Survey pays cash for surveys and also have regular cash giveaways, so if you’re lucky you can make the big bucks overnight. My Survey pays via PayPal, so you can either use your cash go shopping online without pulling out that credit card, or drop your cash directly into your bank account.

Open to Australian residents aged 16+.

What will you earn? My Survey don’t flood me with questionnaires, but I’ve been making a steady five to ten bucks a week .

Level of spam you can expect from My Survey: None.

My Survey Australia Sign Up Link: Click here to join My Survey Australia or read my survey Australia review.

Your Opinion

A great little company that pays fairly well for your time, offers some reward if you don’t qualify for the survey in the first few questions.

You won’t get over-loaded with invites for surveys, but the ones you get are well worth doing.

Pays via PayPal, or pre-loaded eftpos cards.

Open to participants in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK.

What will you earn? I’ve made around $2 to $5 dollars per week with Your Opinion. Each survey pays well, usually at least $2 or $3 for something that only takes a few minutes to complete.

I’ve just signed up for their mobile phone surveys, which promise to pay you more for doing shorter surveys that are only available to mobile participants. I’ll report back soon on how that goes.

Level of spam you can expect from Your Opinion: None.

Your Opinion Sign Up Link: Click here to join Your Opinion Panel or read Your Opinion review.

Toluna Australia

Toluna has a mix of features that goes from fantastic to really annoying.

The good news is that they pay Aussies via PayPal. The great news is that, apart from regular surveys, they also run product trials where they’ll send you a product that you get to report back on, and keep!

The annoying part is that the varying amounts you get paid for your time on surveys. You can spend 5 minutes and be rewarded $5 worth of points or you can spend 30 minutes to get $1. There’s no rhyme or reason. At least they tell you the amount of points you’ll receive and an estimated survey time before you choose to do a survey, so you can avoid doing anything that’s long and low paying.

Update: Toluna took three months to transfer my most recently received payment to PayPal. I’d just about given up hope, but it finally turned up. Please be advised that there are currently long delays with payment, and weigh that into your decision to join Toluna.

Open to 16+ people around the world, but not every country will pay via PayPal.

Toluna Australia Sign Up Link: Click here to join Toluna Australia or read Toluna Australia review.

What will you earn? Between $4 and $15 dollars a week.

Rewards Central

Rewards Central is a great place to earn some extra money through competitions, shopping partners and being paid to read email. You can find yourself making a little regular cash or a whole lot, quite quickly, it really just depends how you use the site.

Rewards Central pays cash by cheque or direct deposit, but also allows you to use your points to participate in auctions, buy items from their catalogue, or even deposit the points you’ve earned into points in their ‘eBank’ to earn high rates of interest (over 16% !!!).

Australians only for this one.

What will you earn? I have to admit I’m quite lazy with Rewards Central, and don’t do much online shopping to rake in the big bucks, but I still make around $6 a week. However, if you do a little online shopping you can realistically earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year. People are definitely doing it… large items, including cars, are regularly won by people through the sites auctions – bidding nothing but the points they’ve earned.

Hint’s and Tips: There’s so many ways to earn money with Rewards Central that I’ve devoted a whole page to them. Click here to see my guide on beefing up your Rewards Central account. It includes info on where to find (and get paid for) the surveys.

Level of spam you can expect from Rewards Central: Zilch. Even receiving their monthly newsletters will earn you cash.

Click here to join Rewards Central or read Rewards Central review.

But wait, there’s more!

Level of spam you can expect from Rewards Central: None. In fact, you should log in every now and then to check what survey offers and product trials you have waiting for you. They don’t email you every time you have an opportunity to make money.

Surveys That Pay by Gift Certificates and Shopping Vouchers

A regular supply of shopping vouchers to be every bit as good as cash! These sites will earn you points that you can turn into vouchers for stores like

Coles, Myer, Bunnings, Target etc…

Nielsen Surveys / Nielsen Homescan Australia

Nielsen’s surveys are up there with the best paying surveys per minute of your time spent doing them. You might not see one every week, but you’ll be surprised how much you do get for each survey you take.

They also have a huge range of different vouchers to choose from (the most I’ve seen offered by any survey company). I tend to go for the Coles Myer vouchers as they can also be used at K Mart, Target etc.

What will you earn? I average around $8 to $10 a week

Level of spam you can expect from Nielsen: Nil

Nielsen Homescan Sign Up Link: Click here to join Nielsen Surveys Australia

Valued Opinions Australia

A reliable site that’s been around forever and pays in vouchers for use at your choice of shopping venues like Coles, HMV etc.

Hosted from Australia and only open to Australian residents.

What will you earn? I manage to score a $20 voucher every few weeks from Valued Opinions.

Level of spam you can expect from Valued Opinions: Nil

Valued Opinions Australia Sign Up Link: Click here to join Valued Opinions Australia panel or read Valued Opinions Australia review.

Ipsos My View Surveys Australia

My View won’t fill your mailbox with surveys, but they pay well for what they do send, and have a regular cash prize giveaway.

They pay in gift cards for itunes, Bunnngs JB Hi-Fi, Coles, Woolworths, Sanity and more.

Open to participants around the world.

What will you earn? $2-$3 a week (for not a lot of time)

Level of spam you can expect from My View: None.

Ipsos MyView Sign Up Link: Click here to join Ipsos My View Surveys Australia panel or read Myview review.

Survey Village

I think this is the best paying survey site, per minute of your time, that’s around today.

Surveys are starting to come more frequently (two or three a week) and I’m seeing around $6-$15 a week.

Survey Village would get 5 stars if they had some ‘everyday shopping’ voucher options. They currently have iTunes, Myer, ABC Shop, Westfield, Good Guys, Mitre 10, Sportsgirl, Jeans West, Sanity, Hoyts Cinemas, EB Games, Sussan and plenty of others, but I must admit to preferring the boring old supermarket vouchers for their ease to redeem quickly and easily.

They currently offer pre-paid Visa cards, which are as good as cash.

Open to Australian residents only.

What will you earn? $6-$15 a week

Level of spam you can expect from Survey Village: None.

Click here to Join Survey Village

Frequently Asked Questions about taking paid online surveys in Australia

Are Paid Surveys Legitimate?

Yes, paid surveys are 100% legitimate and you can earn money in either cash or vouchers for your time and efforts.

Why would companies pay me to answer questions?

Australian companies have to carry out market research before they launch a new product or service. In order to carry out this research, market research sites are paid to survey a certain amount of respondents, part of this money is passed onto you.

Once the information has been collected this is passed by to the companies and is used to help develop and manufacture their products and services.

Is it safe to take online paid surveys?

Yes, all surveys sites that we list at Paid Surveys in Australia are 100% safe and your information will not be sold to any third parties. Legitimate market research sites are more interested in getting your valuable opinion than selling your information on.

How will I be paid?

Each survey site will have a different method of sending payments however this will typically be in cash and sent via cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.

Payments are sent in cash once you have accumulated the required amount which will usually be between $20 – $50. Some sites may offer other payment methods such as vouchers for online or street stores or tickets for entries into prize draws.

How long will surveys take to complete?

Each online survey you take will vary in length however the average amount of time that you will spend on each one will be around 5 – 30 minutes. The longer a survey takes the higher the reward will usually be for completing it.

How many surveys will I receive?

It would be impossible to guess how many online surveys you will receive each month as the amount is down to the market research sites and is based on the information that you give them. However if you were to register with all the survey sites listed on our free directory you should receive at least 2 – 10 paid surveys per day.

Can I Register Multiple Accounts?

No, you should only have one account for each member of your household. Anyone trying to register multiple accounts with the same survey site will have all of them deleted.

Why should I register with multiple market research companies?

On average you will receive around 5 – 20 paid surveys per month from each site. In order to earn the most money it’s highly recommended that you register with multiple sites so you can maximise the chances of receiving lots of survey invitations each month.

What information do I need to provide when signing up?

Most market research companies will only require basic information such as your name, address, e-mail and possible date of birth on registration.

Do I need to confirm my e-mail address?

Yes, most sites will require you to click the link in the e-mail you are sent before you start taking surveys.

Why should I complete the profile information?

Each survey site you register with will ask you some profile / lifestyle questions. Completing the profile information will help the sites to match you with paid surveys when they become available. For example there would be no point sending out an online survey on meat to a vegetarian…

I hope you liked my post. Please share it with your friends and family and help them to make some extra cash in their spare time. Remember, every little bit helps.

If you know any other Australian survey panel that is legit, free to join and well paying, please let me know and I’ll list it here for everyone’s benefits.

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