Are Paid Online Surveys Scam?

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Are Paid Online Surveys a Scam?

This is a very old question, one that has been asked since the introduction of payment systems on the internet. Anything that involves online payment brings this question to the front of our mind. Can I get ripped off when putting my time into something I can’t see?

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I am sorry to be the person to tell you this, but yes, some paid online surveys are scams! That is why you need to be very careful about the surveys you choose to undertake.

Now that you know, don’t be worried. There are always a few bad apples in every industry. If a bank goes bust because of bad decisions, do you never use a bank again? There are a number of tips you should follow to ensure you find the right survey site.

  1. Find a well known survey site, or a well know affiliate website that will point you in the right direction. All the market research companies listed on this website or 100% genuine and free to join.
  2. Find reviews of survey sites, look for users who have experience in completing online paid surveys – there are tonnes of them around.
  3. Try an online survey company, write a review on how good it was, if it was a scam or how much you received for completing their surveys. This will greatly help other users to identify paid survey scams – it will actually help the whole market research industry to improve. You can also share your experience by leaving a comment below.
  4. Contact the survey site that is a scam and abuse them!! Think about it. Imaging getting tens of thousand emails sent to you every day telling you to stop the scam. User Power! Take back the internet from the thieves!!
  5. Find an online survey website and stick with it! I am a member of many online survey websites I am constantly sent emails to let me know that new surveys are available for me to complete. If one survey is real, why would others be scams? Not very likely.

Paid online surveys Australia can give you a really good extra payment throughout the month. I collect about two hundred dollars extra a month from completing them. But in order to get the most bang for your buck, you must know which survey sites are the best.