Myview Survey Australia Review

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My View Survey

Is it worth to join Ipsos My View Australia Survey panel?

ipsos my view Australia review

This article provides an objective insight into the paid survey company; Ipsos MyView. We have conducted extensive research into this company and have investigated many user reports regarding their experiences with this company. In this article, we will summarize our findings and present a report regarding Ipsos MyView survey panel.

Update: Myview Australia has teamed up with Ipsos i-Say – a global leader in market research. so, now you have more chances to get paid to do surveys.

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The parent company behind MyView is Authentic Response, Inc., which is market research company that was first started in 1996. Their main project is MyView and this has been operating since 03/06/2008 and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on 6/19/2009. They also have other important security certifications such as TrustE, which means that everything you enter is completely secure and private.

Ipsos My View Australia Rewards
myview Australia rewards

MyView’s Claim to Fame:

MyView has a stellar reputation with regards to payment processing. They will pay you very quickly and it usually takes around 2-3 business days to process.

Their website interface is very simple to easy. In fact, they probably have one of the best layouts for being able to access your account and manage your surveys

Some of the surveys will give you instant rewards and they may also give you points even if you do not meet the criteria for qualification for the survey.

Specific Details at a Glance

  • The minimum age of participation is 13.
  • The rewards given out are PrePaid Visa Cards or Gift Cards.
  • The minimum balance that is required for cash out is $25
  • The regions that are available for participation is currently limited to the Australia only.

Company Location:

304 Park Avenue South 7th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Summary of User Experiences:
My View has undergone some changes recently. Before, they relied on PayPal for payment processing and this would take around 6-8 weeks to receive the payment. Because of the long processing times, they have changed to use prepaid Visa gift cards instead. This has reduced their processing time to 2-3 days.

They have also altered their rewards program so now they do not assign monetary values to their surveys. Instead, they will give points for completing surveys and the account will indicate the point value that is necessary to redeem certain rewards. My View has also allowed poitns for members that do not successfully complete a survey. Points are given for participation. There are a large amount of different gift cards that are present, such as Sears,, or ThinkGeek. The only complaint here is that the rewards system is a store based model, so there are set quantities for a particular item. The more popular rewards will sell out and can be unavailable for periods of time, but they will come back. There is no instantaneous cash out.

Generally, the reviews are positive with regards to My View. The only major complaint is that it takes quite some time to reach the $25 threshold in order to cash out. Using the prior system, surveys used to be of $1-2 in value, but are now worth 350 points, 400 points or sometimes 750 points, which is under 50 cents. The rate is about $1 for 1400 points worth that you have completed. Their major surveys are 7000 points, which are worth $5.

There is about 5 surveys a week that they send you on average. The great thing is that when you first join, there is immediate points that you can earn. If you fill various profiles (11 profiles will give you 350 points each) and after completely 5 surveys, you will get another 5,000 reward points. Reaching the first $25 will be quick, but reaching that threshold amount will take some time. Their surveys take around 20-25 minutes for 400-750 points.

The Current Verdict:
The current verdict is that My View is not a scam. The research that we have conducted from many My View reviews suggest that this is definitely a legitimate survey company. They do not ask for any membership fees or payments whatsoever. The only downside is that you will not get rich while participating in this survey panel. But this is the case with all survey panels in general.

My View does not allow open membership at all. If you visit their site, you will notice that they do not allow you to sign up at all. Fortunately, we have secured a sign up link for you that is currently working. To sign up for my view Australia, click below link:

Click here to join Ipsos Myview Australia survey panel

Paid Survey Tips:

Now, in order to be able to make a decent supplemental income from doing paid surveys, you will need to participate in many survey panels. It cannot be helped. One survey panel may provide an additional 25-50$ per month at the very least. If you multiply that by 5, then you will have extra money to pay off some bills or by something nice for yourself.

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