How to Take Surveys for Money? + Guide to Maximize Your Survey Earnings

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Surveys for Money – Get Paid to Take Surveys

If you have already signed up with an online survey company and are getting tired of checking your e-mail to see if you have, at long last, gotten an invitation to take a paid online survey, then there may be a reason. In fact, thanks to the vagaries of technology, your attempts to make money by taking online surveys may be stymied by more than one factor! Read on to see some of the most common reasons why you may not be getting the invites you want to take Australian paid online surveys and what you can do about them.

Check To See How Your Online Survey Company Sees You

Paid online survey companies rely on you to accurately enter your contact information into their websites’ profile pages. This means that something as simple as a typographical error in your e-mail address when you signed up with the online survey panel could be what keeps you from getting asked to take the paid surveys for money that you have been waiting for. Log onto the website to make sure that your contact information is up to date.

surveys for money

By the same token, you also should ensure that your e-mail account has not flagged the online survey company as SPAM. Many e-mail programs automatically send suspicious or unknown senders’ e-mails right to a junk mail folder where you may never see it! You can take steps to avoid this issue by adding the online survey panel’s e-mail or web domain to your e-mail account’s safe sender list or address book. This way you can be assured that you will get all of your invitations to participate in online surveys as soon as they are sent out.

Getting As Many Paid Online Survey Opportunities As Possible

Evaluate the profile that you filled out for the online survey company to make sure that you filled out all of the requested fields. As a general rule, paid online survey panels are much more likely to contact those members who provide all of the supplemental detailed demographic information requested than they are to ask individuals who do not provide this data.

This preference toward more detailed data is because the online survey panels’ clients often want very specific types of consumers to fill out their surveys, such as a company marketing cat food which is targeting married women between the ages of forty and fifty who live near Perth, Australia, have cats and own their own homes with their new ad campaign. Obviously, getting survey responses from women who meet those qualifications will be much more useful than getting responses from other Australians.

Poor Performance As An Online Survey Taker Can Mean Being Black Listed

If you have taken a few online paid surveys but are wondering why you have not gotten any requests in a while, then you may have been black listed by your online survey panel company. There are a number of reasons why survey panelists may be black listed. You may have failed to complete an online paid survey by the deadline more than once, given poorly written responses or inconsistent answers which made the online panel company question your integrity as an online survey taker.

Integrity is an essential quality of a successful online panelist since you are essentially selling your information and opinion to the online survey company. If your online survey company does not believe that you are taking your job to provide truthful and complete answers seriously then they will black list you to avoid risking providing false or inaccurate information to their clients. Being black listed means that you will not receive any more requests to be paid to take online surveys or serve on other online panels.

While the decision of whether you remain banned by the online survey website is ultimately up to the online panel company alone, if you have been black listed then you can, at the very least, contact them to confirm that this is, in fact, what has occurred. Finding out what your offense was can help you to be a more responsible and successful online survey taker in the future, however, if you believe that you are being banned unfairly, then you can politely try to convince the online panel company to reverse its decision.

Remember, though, that there are many paid online survey companies, so if your relationship with one sours, you can always begin a new with another panel. Of course, starting over with a new online survey panel means vetting their credentials before you sign up and are able to make money from taking online surveys from home, so it is certainly in your best interest to try to work things out with a company that you are comfortable with.

If you are looking to take surveys for money as an additional source of supplemental income then I would recommend to pay attention to above mentioned points.